The 2015 Kariba Invitation Tiger Fish Tournament (KITFT) is nigh

The 54th edition of the (KITFT) will run from the 14th to the 16th of October in the resort town of Kariba. This year’s success according to the competition organisers has been made possible by Isuzu, Ram Petroleum and Zambezi, the gold sponsors of the tournament.  

Predated to 1962, the world-renowned tournament boasting a rich history and world fishing entries hosting 132 anglers in its initial year. A decade later, the tournament attracted 436 anglers, with the largest fish weighing 9,48 kg recorded in 1962. Kariba the largest inland dam in Zimbabwe has the largest shoal of tiger fish in the country and measures a massive surface area.  

Kariba is known for the Nyaminyami folktales that have seen carvings being made to honour the river god believed to inhabit the vast water body. A hydrological power source for both Zimbabwe and Zambia, the dam is also a source of livelihood for fisherman and various Kapenta fisheries dotted around the area. Game viewing and crocodile farms are also part of the various adventure drives through the vast Makuti game park populated by the big five African game. It has become common to witness elephants and monkeys cohabiting with the population. 

With summer conditions expected to reach their maximum in October, sometimes beyond 30 degrees Celsius, tourists are advised to dress in cooler regalia to avoid the sunburn. The organisers have announced a ban on pre-baiting and practicing commencing from 06:00hrs Monday 14nd September through to 06:00hrs Monday 12th October 2014 and has proved to provide a level playing field for all competitors.

With only three months left to the October kickoff, the official organiser now available of Facebook is calling for entries to register for the tournament adding that, “If you have not fished at the tournament before this would be an ideal time to start, and for those of you who have fished before, get organised you do not want to miss out, it’s going to be huge.” 


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